Gear Review: FRV Tailoring Shooters Belt

Belts... good for holding your trousers up, even better for load carriage. Although there's been a significant shift away from the heavy belt set ups of the 80s and 90s and even early 2000s, The advent of low profile "shooters belts" such as offered by Crye (The MRB) and Ronin Tactics (Senshi) its enabled those... Continue Reading →


Gear Review: Ferro Concepts Dangler

It's a modern classic, a novel idea that combines the convenience of a "Fanny Pack" or Low Pitched Waist Pack such as offered by Eagle Industries or Flyye but with the ability of being hung under the wearers existing body armour or chest rig. "The Dangler" is probably Ferro Concepts most iconic piece of gear...... Continue Reading →

Replica Review: Tokyo Marui Glock 17

Boring, Boring Glocks... Or are they? I'm still undecided on if I actually like the Glock, Or whether I simply appreciate its utilitarian simplicity as a sidearm that is battle proven and used the world over. Glocks are not the most aesthetic pistols to look at in my mind... They lack the flair and detail... Continue Reading →

Gear Review: Spiritus Systems SACK

I'm extremely late to this hype train... Even in the UK we've had Spiritus Systems for quite some time and there are dozens of very good reviews out there on Spiritus gear in general and yet specifically on "The SACK" nothing really has come out review wise for this particular item aside from a couple... Continue Reading →

The Hunt…

A bit of a random article... But for some time now I've been on the hunt for the Soft Shell worn by Jason Hayes/David Boreanaz in SEAL Team CBS. I've had others involved, Even my wife has had a look! It's involved many attempts at googling various phrases, none so far have come up with... Continue Reading →

Force Multiplier

So, What within Airsoft could be considered a force multiplier? Let's look at the definition of Force Multiplier first, Try and look at what could be seen as a legitimate inclusion to the list... Ok, so with this in mind, Airsoft is generally not a fair fight... One person will often have a natural advantage... Continue Reading →

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