Replica Review – CYMA CM.045A (AKS74u)

Whilst it's true that you often get what you pay for, Certainly within the world of Airsoft replicas. Sometimes you pay a lot of money and get little in return, and sometimes... Rarely, You get something that defies conventional wisdom. As some of you know, I tend to play as "The Bad Guys" at themed... Continue Reading →


Gear Review: Patrol Incident Gear – Delta ”Full Dexterity” Utility Glove

I've had these gloves for pretty much a year now, Having picked them up on a whim whilst buying the Ferro Slickster from the guys at Tactical Kit. I'd say a year on is a good time to evaluate a bit of kit, often it's too easy to pressure yourself into writing something and commenting... Continue Reading →

The Beefy_Milsim Interview

There are some people who instantly come across as likeable, And having spoken with a few people in the community, One fresh face keeps being mentioned in high regard. Beefy (Or @beefy_milsim as his Instagram is known by. From a past life serving with the Royal Navy's Commando Helicopter Force to a relatively newfound love... Continue Reading →

Gear Review: Enola Gaye “FUG” Glove

When people step out their comfort zone, one of two things often happen. Either they fail spectacularly or they become better known for their risky endeavour. Take Supermarine for example... A seaplane manufacturer known for its Schneider Trophy winning seaplanes developed a plane that epitomises British ingenuity in the Spitfire fighter (Bonus points of you... Continue Reading →

Gear Review: Helikon Patriot Fleece

There was a time, Before Softshells and such where fleece reigned supreme. It's ability to trap air and it's warm feel made it a popular choice for those who worked outdoors. It's still incredibly popular in the civilian world where everyone from warehouse staff to builders will often be seen with a fleece on. There... Continue Reading →

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