Gear Review: Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed Pouches

Some of you might remember that I reviewed the Blue Force Gear MP7 Chest Rig a few months ago, A great and lightweight bit of gear albeit one that's for a pretty specific purpose... At its core, The chest rig is built around a quad "Ten-Speed" SMG pouch. But what happens if you want the... Continue Reading →


Replica Review – Tokyo Marui M4A1 SOPMOD (Next Generation Recoil Shock)

Sometimes it's so obvious that you forget it's right in front of you.. Thats certainly true of the one item I've had for many years but haven't reviewed... It took Rich (Of The Reptile House Blog) to point out to me that there was a glaring omission from my ever growing list of reviewed kit...... Continue Reading →

Tokyo Marui Show 2018

I'll start with a little disclaimer... Some of what I'll be writing is speculation, certainly when looking at prices, dates and detailed specification. That being said, There's a significant amount of information that's been released so far, Hyperdouraku being a highly reliable source for information and Impulse101 also having a vested interest in bringing their... Continue Reading →

The perils of importation…

So, At the time of writing this I'm awaiting a notification of my Tokyo Marui Glock 19 actually leaving Japan. In the eagerness of being one of the first to receive this likely to be popular pistol I decided to take a gamble and order through impulse101, a Japanese distributor that appears to have a... Continue Reading →

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