Gear Review: LBX 0065 Med Kit Blow-Out Pouch

In the pursuit of realism there are often little details that whilst not needed for Airsoft, Provide that look we might be looking for. From Combat Tourniquets to Plate Carriers, There's generally very little you actually need to buy for an airsoft game... However, We do all to often choose to spend money on bits... Continue Reading →


The Pursuit Of Realism – Part Two

So a quick follow up on the last instalment before I move onto the next part of the series... I neglected to mention the events hosted by organisations such as HTIS (Unfortunately no longer trading) and ITAS, It wasn't due to not seeing a place for events like these, But because I'd actually go as... Continue Reading →

The Pursuit Of Realism – Part One

There are two type of airsofter, Those who seek realism in their games and those who don't. Often those who seek realism will plow endless amounts of money into the hobby and spend as much time as possible in creating the perfect loadout, They'll also try and spend as much time as possible playing the... Continue Reading →

How To: Bake Your Rails

So, I've been asked a lot about this since I've posted up about sticking my newly acquired Block 2 RIS in the oven... Why the hell am I doing it? Well it's pretty simple, Most Airsoft clone Daniel Defence rails are completely the wrong colour... The most popular choice is the Madbull Rail, Licensed by... Continue Reading →

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